Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All But Forgotten...Reflections...

Well, it's been nearly 10 months since I have posted on this blog. Homeschooling, sewing, gardening, vacation, 4-H (rabbits this year) and life in general took over. I have been using this blog as a springboard to visit my blog links on the sidebar. 
It seems strange that I have chosen a busy month like December to revisit. Maybe it's because December is time of reflection. A time to focus on my Savior's birth. A time to reflect on the past year and becoming another year older a few short days ago. 
What have I accomplished? A vacation in May to The Outerbanks of North Carolina. A great time with only the two youngest. In our family you are now known as an 'older or younger' the 'olders' were all working or had obligations. So, it was a vacation for four. I was the only girl. The homeschool Mom in me made sure we learned a lot. Roanoke Island, The Wright Brother's Memorial, the ocean water versus the brackish waters of the sound and catching crabs and cooking one. We even ventured through Washington D.C. on the way their and back. 
Sewing for my Etsy shop has kept me busy. I hit 400 sales and we celebrated with a pizza and Polar Pop party. I redid my sewing space and it is much more efficient now. Most of my fabric is on mini bolts and I have a real cutting table. 
We had a drought this summer and that along with getting the garden planted late-made for a strange harvest. I was still canning tomatoes in October and I never did get any green beans. This is the first year in 27 years that we didn't can beans. The "youngers' switched from pigs to rabbits this year and we were shocked when Josh won Grand Champion. We learned a lot about rabbits. Especially, that they are much easier to load up and transport than pigs. 
Homeschooling began this Fall with 3 students. This spring 3 will graduate. One from high school and two from college. My 'baby' will be eleven in a few days. Hard to believe. Time is marching on at a faster pace than ever before. Tim's schedule is as busy as ever. 
Growing spiritually and studying God's Word remain most important. The books of Matthew, Hebrews and Jonah have been our focus this Fall. I am convicted that we (or I) need to be serving more. 
Conclusion: God is good and I have so much to be thankful for. 

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