Monday, September 28, 2009

Zooing It

We had a great time at the Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo on Saturday. The tickets were a gift from WBCL. The day started out rainy but turned out to be just perfect. We even got to bring along a cousin! If you love frogs as much as my guys do...then this one is a great size.
This ostrich was very curious. He was attracted to my watch gleaming in the sunlight.
The guys heading out on their expedition into the Austrailian Adventure.
The kangaroos are actually loose. We have even had the opportunity to pet one on a past visit.
The farm area with a very friendly horse.

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Leigh Ann said...

Looks like the guys had fun. My parents used to take us to this zoo when we were little. I accidentally deleted my blog list and my followeres ugh! I think i have most of the blogs plus back up though! Blessings~
Leigh Ann