Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Pig!

This is Chad. (For some reason my kids think it's funny to name animals human names.) I think that you can tell by this picture that Chad has an attitude. He is the first 4-H pig that we have had that has left a scar on a family member. He seems to be rather territorial as in...."Don't get in MY pen."

Here is my 10 year old showing Chad at our county fair. Chad did not want to co-operate. He went to the far end of the show arena and would not go anywhere near the judge. The man in the plaid the shirt was petting him which didn't help matters.

We have an apple tree near Chad's pen. The kids started to feed the pigs the apples that had fallen on the ground. We are wondering if Chad may have associated the people's hands with apples? Anyway, the judge didn't even get much of a look at him. Which may not have mattered much because Chad is just a normal pig and not much of a show pig. But to my son he is "Some Pig" and he is having a few regrets about having to sell him later this week.


Leigh Ann said...

Has that man in the plaid neverbeen to a pig show? Too funny that he was petting him!
Hope you are all having fun and I'll be praying for the kids as the pig goes to Market. Farm life is so fun yet so hard sometimes!

6blessings said...

Thanks Leigh Ann! I am surprised at how much this is bothering him. He didn't even seem to like the pig much until it went to the fair.