Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Dorm Room

We planned on visiting our daughter on her birthday. She needed art supplies an hour away. The store was on the way home. This gave us a very good reason to bring her home for the whole weekend!!
Little bros checking out the dorm room and kidnapping their sis for a birthday celebration at home.
This refrigerator was a dark brown wood grain in a former life. The blue spray paint really spiffed it up! Scrapbook paper and photos add some punch to the wall above.
College is going great and the adjustment has been smooth. God has answered our prayers. She is loving all her classes especially the art related ones.


Leigh Ann said...

Love the fridge and the wall art.
So cute! That one picture looks like the Fruit of the Loom guys! LOL! Is that persone an apple or a tomomato? Gald things are going well!

busymomof10 said...

cute decorating ideas! getting girls settled in dorm rooms is a lot more fun -- and a lot more money! my son could care less about what his room looks like!

where does your daughter go to college? you probably already said somewhere -- but i'm reading here for the first time.