Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We've "Bean" Busy~

Gifts from neighbors and family: yellow squash, red beets and cabbage and I didn't even include the zucchini. It's great to share the surplus.
Ready, set, snap! Our beans did not do well but my Mom has extra this year. We have picked there twice but there weren't enough to can-until today. The kids went and picked them while I froze peas from our garden.
Beans in jars-adding a little salt for taste.
Into the pressure canner.
The finished product. We were able to get 21 quarts and have some extra to eat fresh. No doubt, we'll repeat this a few more times this summer.

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Leigh Ann said...

Yummy! Tom is out delivering our sweet corn to all the Michiganders right now. I hope I have some beans when I get home. Would you guys like to come over for supper when you get up north? We would love to have you!