Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas....A Little Late this Year.

This post goes along with the picture of the post below.
Well, I finally got a Christmas card ordered!  Note the date: December 27. I like to send picture cards and we were not all together until Christmas this year. I usually try and get a picture at Thanksgiving. But Andy was in Arizona visiting family. I made sure that we got a picture when we got home from church on Christmas Sunday-- before we ran off to my Mom's house. Luckily, Alissa knows how to set up the timer on my camera! I thought the picture was pretty good for a spur of the moment job. I was impressed with the selection of cards that share the true meaning of Christmas at Shutterfly. I ordered a few of the below style and more of another style (because of cost). I also ordered a book of our vacation that we took last May in Myrtle Beach.  Mmm...I am seeing a pattern here. Procrastination. At least I still remembered our vacation to write about it :)  So....Merry Christmas (a little late)!

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