Sunday, July 17, 2011

Finally... Kitchen Curtain Fabric

I have been looking for months for some fabric for my kitchen. I have a 36" wide window over my sink and a 6' sliding door near the table that need some valances.  Since our disaster with our dishwasher last fall, I have been looking and looking for fabric. I almost got some one time At Joann's. I almost got some when we went to Myrtle Beach. These were black and cream designs. The walls are painted a light olive and I really wanted some olive with the black and cream. This is new Waverly fabric that just got in and I should have it tomorrow! It was also on sale when I ordered and I got an additional percentage off. I was impulsive and ordered it without getting a sample first. But-I think Im going to love it. I am also thinking of asking artist daughter to cut me a stencil of one of the design elements. I may do a little tone on tone stencil painting on the walls.

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