Thursday, September 2, 2010

Family Rules

Seven Family Rules

1. Tell the truth.
Trust in the glue that holds family relationships together.

2. Treat others with respect.
- Speak politely. Use "please," "thank you," "excuse me," and "I'm sorry" often.
- Don't swear, hit, or kick.
- Don't name call, tattletale, or put down others behind their backs.
- Wait your turn to speak. If you must interrupt, first say, "Excuse me, please."
- Don't shout messages across the house.

3. No arguing with Mom and Dad.
- Ideas and input are valued and respected, but arguing means your point has already been made.
- Ask permission before going somewhere and be home when expected.

4. Respect each other's property and his/her right to privacy.
- Ask permission to use something that doesn't belong to you.
- Knock before entering a closed room.

5. Obey when you're asked to do something the first time.
- Complaining and tantrums are not allowed.
- Assigned chores should be performed when expected without being told.

6. Keep your surroundings neat, clean, and organized.
Whether its toys, games, clothes, dishes, or school supplies, put things away that you take out.

7. Be kind and helpful to each other.
Celebrate accomplishments with praise, show good sportsmanship, and look for ways to encourage each other.

I got these in an email from Alpha Omega Publications this morning. These would easily solve 99% of of our problems. Now to apply them...☺


The James Family said...

I really like these - I made a poster out of them and hung them up!! Thanks for sharing!!

6blessings said...

Thanks Tammi! I made up a poster too. Now to apply the rules - that's the hard part!