Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Home Today

Today-I'll be driving here:loading up the van and bringing home a dear daughter for the summer. I can't believe that her freshman year went by so fast! It really makes me stop and think about how important each day is. How each day is a gift and our choices, even the small ones, add up and can make such a difference.  As I get older, time seems to move faster and faster. All those little old ladies in the grocery store who used to stop and comment on my babies were right. They really do grow up fast and we  need to enjoy them while we can!.
Here is Alissa soon after she moved in her dorm room. (Unfortunatley, the blue fridge quit working this year.)  We'll be jamming the van with lots of clothes, lots of junk, lots of art projects and lots of stories and memories. I just know the summer will pass by quickly (they always do) and we'll be loading up the van again before we know it.

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