Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Broken glass-Sticky pop absorbed by carpet-Cleaning carpet with a bad attitude-Teaching-Picking up Nerf arrows-Reading emails-Blessed by prayers for a sick boy-Sorting through papers-Wiping up counters-Making soup-Sitting and praying-Driving to town with only one child-Dentist office-Reading poems and stories-Reclining in a dental chair-Visiting friend at her new store-Dropping off a package and visiting Mom-Picking up tax returns-Smiling that we are getting some money back-Driving and thinking about fun things to do with the refund-Driving and thinking about what really needs to be done with the refund-Talking to my passenger who I never seem to be alone with-Looking at sewing projects-Cutting up lettuce and celery-Supper left-overs and frozen pizza-Cold and tired-Hope I'm not getting sick too-Wrap up in blanket on loveseat-Use my laptop to look at my favorite internet places-Sweet daughter brings me raspberry tea-Read our chapter of the Bible for today-Watch TV with girls-Decide I'm just tired and not sick-Praising God for all my gifts-Convicted to have a better attitude over spilled pop-Sleep.


Cheryl said...

loved this!

Deanna said...

Very creative. Although now I'M extremely tired from reading how much you accomplished yesterday!!! I think I shall go back to bed! :)

Leigh Ann said...

I totally understand why you are tired, that was a long list! Hope today is a spill proof day for you all. Love ya!