Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Winter Comfort

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.
-Jane Austen

I hear so many people complaining about the cold weather and wishing for warmth or travel to warmer places. I happen to like winter. It is such a cozy time of year. Winter makes me think of so many warm and comforting things:

candles burning, soup cooking in the crockpot, hot tea, reading books in the evening, snuggling up with a blanket on your lap, snowflakes drifting down, the smell of homemade bread baking, the feel of a warm scarf next to your neck, family gathered together in the living room for the evening, snow glistening in the sun on a frigid morning, birds searching for food, thanking God for a warm house.

~~Photo by my Sarah


Deanna said...

You are so right.Although I'd say spring is the fav w/fall a close second. I get tired of hearing people complain about the weather. I do that some too but try to keep it to a minimum!! :) I just state the fact that it is cold or hot and try to move on!! heehee!! Nice post, Laurie.

Leigh Ann said...

I don't mind the winter as long as I can stay home. Hehe! So tonight after work and a couple errands and a stop at Swan Creek to get some new candles, I am staying home. Emma is going to a sleepover so I'm curling up next to the wood burner with a couple of magazines and a book. Actually, I would love to have a nice snowfall so I could get snowed in for a day or two.
Leigh Ann