Thursday, December 3, 2009

Birthday Blessings and Surprises

My birthday was yesterday. I woke up to surprise birthday streamers in the kitchen.

A surprise box of rolls from our favorite bakery. My Mom and Step-Father dropped these off for my birthday and the two we have next week. They were also a thank-you gift for carrying up many boxes of christmas decorations for them.

A gorgeous surprise! The most beautiful silk flower arrangement delivered to my door. They are from a very dear friend who lives far away.

The girls made a beautiful centerpiece on the kitchen table. They incorporated my floral gift and the birthday dessert. So pretty! The picture doesn't do it justice.

I was spoiled. Now they won't know what to get me for Christmas. A new sweater, earrings and an ornament from the girls. The guys got me an ironing board, steak knives and an egg slicer. Practical gifts that I've been wanting. Have you ever tried ironing on an ironing board that is bent? Needed a new one! Josh broke my last egg slicer so he got me a snazzy new red one.

For supper the girls tried out a new recipe: Tuscan Chicken. It was very good!

A sweet little dessert. Chocolate Peppermint Tassies.


Leigh Ann said...

Happy Birthday,
I was thinking of you but was to tired to get on the PC last night.
Looks like you had a wonderful day!
Leigh Ann

The James Family said...

Glad you had a great birthday!! :)