Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Day... Another Birthday!

Yesterday Isaac was 8 and today Erica is 21. So we are celebrating another December birthday! Of course, we had to get Erica a box of her favorite treats!
She always enjoys receiving a holiday baking magazine.

The perfect gift for a Florida Gator's fan!

It was especially appropriate for today's weather. It was only 10 degrees out this morning. Brrr!
We all enjoyed a yummy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake made by Sarah.
Erica is such a special gift from God. She is always calm and patient and she is such a help to me around the house. She is attending a local college full time. She is great with kids and is planning on being a teacher to those with special needs. Happy Birthday-We love you!


Deanna said...

Seriously, FL Gator fan??? What happened to OSU??? :) Wish her and Issac a belated bday for me! We December bday people need to stick together!! :)

6blessings said...

I think her choice of the Gators was influenced by Tim Tebow. Sarah is more than making up for the Buckeye fan base at our house. Yes, you will be older quite soon :)

Leigh Ann said...

Happy belated Erica, hope it was a blessed day! See you later today!
Leigh Ann

Cheryl said...

I have 2 in December... my boys are twins who were born on the
23rd... yep... and this year is their 18th... yep...

Happy Birthday to yours!