Saturday, August 22, 2009

In the Kitchen

Spaghetti sauce~ from picking the tomatoes in our garden to the finished product. These 20 jars took me almost a whole day to produce. I'm trying to decide if it was worth it.
A bouquet of backyard flowers~arranged by a daughter~to brighten the windowsill.

A great way to make iced tea. I read about this on another blog. Make a strong concentrate then pour a little into a glass and add water and ice. This is great because it doesn't take up much space in the fridge.


Deanna said...

I'm tired just looking at the jars of sauce. Just last night my hubby asked if I knew there were red tomatoes in the garden....I gave him my evil eye!!!!! Glad YOU got something done....not sure about me yet!! I have a recipe for Raspberry Mint tea if you want it....let me know. said...

oh wow you are motivated (you go girl)!! - i haven't done any canning yet. i guess i feel more motivated now!!

Together We Save said...

Your sauce looks yummy. I bet it was lots of work but I know once you are enjoying it you will realize it is worth it. Stoping by from your vocal point post.