Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Camping?..... Who Me?

I have never been one to rough it in the great outdoors. I guess getting older and discovering how fast kids really do grow up has changed my perspective. We visited a state park that is very near to us one Sunday evening. It was early spring and it is a nice place to walk around. We happened to see this thing: This is a yurt. It is a dome shaped structure on a wooden platform.
It had 2 bunkbeds, a fridge, microwave and A/C! My kind of camping. We reserved it over a month ago on a weekend that my sister and her family could come too. It turned out to be a fun time! Campfires, s'mores, hotdogs, fishing, swimming, early morning devotions on a picnic table! Everything was great except for the mosquitoes! On the second night they were so bad that we ladies and the younger boys went in our yurt and played "Name the animal that starts with each letter of the alphabet" Such a fun little thing to do that we never have time for (for some reason) at home.
My little guy had the best time riding his bike around. He probably put about 50 miles on it!
My proud fisherman!
My sister and I sat and watched the guys fish. She was trying to teach me to crochet. I thought I was doing really well. I was adding my second row when she realized that I was knitting on a crochet hook! I guess crocheting isn't my thing. I better stick to sewing.
Camping was a good experience. We will have to try it again.

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Leigh Ann said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait to catch up with you on Friday!
Leigh Ann