Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Very Happy 24th Anniversary!

Our surprise supper!
Sweet little treasures.

Birdcage from an antique store.
Our gorgeous anniversary cake made by my favorite bakers!

Our anniversary was yesterday, June 8. Wow! Those 24 years went fast! We stayed overnight in a hotel and visited Amish country. We drove the backroads, bought some honey at an Amish house and admired cute little Amish kids and their gorgeous vegetable gardens that have no weeds in them! Mondays look to be washing days -saw a lot of clothes on lines and hanging on porches and in gazebos. I thought this was a smart way to dry your clothes even if it rains.
We visited a big antique store. You know you're getting older when toys and dishes that you recognize are in an antique store! I got an awesome birdcage. Not sure why, but I think they're cool.
I also got a few cute little treasures to decorate with and nothing was over $3. We brought home the hugest cream-filled donuts for the boys. You should have seen their eyes!
To top it all off, when we got home, the blessings had made us an anniversary dinner! A pasta casserole, salad, french bread, complete with a cloth tablecloth and real glass glasses. They even made home-made ice cream and a beautiful chocolate cake for dessert! What could be sweeter than that? What a great day!


Bobbi said...

What a sweet anniversary! Sounds like it was fun and relaxing. And what super kids you have to make such a wonderful dinner! Sounds yummie! Love the bird cage, by the way! Thanks for sharing...am happy you had a great day. I, too, cannot believe it's been 24 years for you youngin's! Miss you all!


Leigh Ann said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like it was wonderful! Love your finds, the milk glass urn is great! I am in love with anything milkglass, just got 2 things in Grand Rapids last Saturday.
Leigh Ann