Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Sweet Seven Year Old

This is my favorite seven year old boy in the whole wide world! He is such a joy! He loves riding his bike, Webkinz, playing with light sabers and doing math. I love teaching him his Bible lessons. He is an expert frog catcher and popcicle eater.

This evening he came in with a "bouquet". I didn't know he was kidding so I put them in a vase. When someone is in first grade, it's hard to know how to take them. His sense of humor has really developed this year. I'm afraid he's going to be a trickster.

This morning he came in the house and said, "Mom, have you met our new snake?" My boys are always catching things! They have caught toads, frogs, snakes, baby muskrats, bees, worms, ants, turtles and who knows what else will appear in the future.

He is my youngest and he's growing up too fast. These days, I have to bribe him to sit in my lap. I know when I'm old and gray I'll wish that I could meet that snake in a bucket again!


The James Family said...

Not sure what I would do if I came out and see that in a bucket!! :) Hunter doesn't like them anymore then I do.. but I could see Keegan doing that! :) I miss you guys so much - hopefully we will make a trip back to Ohio in July and you can meet Triniti! Love ya guys!

Deanna said...

oh, laurie...just keep those creatures down there!! :) we had a snake family in our lilac bushes and A was in the house until we told him all clear!! love the "flowers" btw! :)