Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Away at Our State's Capitol

We traveled to Columbus for an OSU scrimmage game that the older girls wanted to see. It was an affordable opportunity to see an OSU game in the "Horseshoe" for $5. What an experience! I have never seen so many red shirts in one place. 97,000 people showed up for the game!

One of the sites near OSU.

The boys loved the pool at the hotel!

We visited a replica of Columbus' ship " The Santa Maria" docked in downtown Columbus. It was very interesting and the boys learned that they would NOT like to be cabin boys.

The boys in Columbus' private quarters.

My 7yo finding out how to light a cannon in the Santa Maria. Fire in the hole!

The ceiling of the Statehouse featuring a stained glass replica of the state seal.

A birthday celebration for Abraham Lincoln. 200 years old!

Civil War Reenacters shooting off a cannon. It was really loud!

The boys standing in front of a statue of Christopher Columbus on the Ohio Statehouse lawn. We had unseasonably warm and windy weather. It was a beautiful day!

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Leigh Ann said...

Looks like everyone had a great time! Did Sarah love the game?
Leigh Ann