Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ten Decisions You Will Never Regret

1. Showing kindness to an elderly person, both by helping and listening.
2. Destroying a letter or deleting an email written in anger.
3. Offering an apology to salvage a wounded friendship.
4. Putting the interests of others before your own.
5. Taking the time to help a young person find direction in life.
6. Showing consideration to parents, brothers and sisters, regardless of their ages.
7. Refraining from gossip when those around you delight in it.
8. Refusing to compromise your convictions, even if those around you disagree.
9. Accepting God's wisdom regarding questions in life, though you may not fully understand at the time.
10. Receiving the gift of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ. His grace will enable you to make decisions you will never regret.

~This was on the back of our bulletin today and I thought it was pretty good~

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Leigh Ann said...

Thanks Laurie for sharing this today. How was C~Bus?
Leigh Ann